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200 Hour Wisdom, Skill and Grace Yoga Teacher Training-Ojai CA Immersion


Exact Dates & Application



    Personality of the Program


    This training is about approaching your yoga practice and your life with honesty, skill and grace (whether you want to teach yoga or not). Through this masterfully designed course, you will understand technique and experience the value of a meaningful  pranayama and meditation practice. You will explore how the body functions and discover the power of skillful and intentional alignment. You will also study the philosophy of yoga as it applies to you and your life each day, and courageously begin the journey of sincerely walking the yoga talk. For those who intend to teach, this training is specifically known for giving you an authentic experience of everything you’ll teach about as a yoga teacher (rather than simply telling you what to say and do without an understanding of why), so that you can truly speak from an intelligent and authentic place.


    You can expect a high quality training presented by a teacher with over 15 years of experience teaching yoga to both students and teachers. 


    And you will be supported unconditionally through  many challenges as well as heart opening insight. You will be vulnerable, brave, a little scared; you’ll laugh a lot and probably cry a little. You’ll meet amazing people and make great friends, guaranteed. 



    Cori Martinez is an Experienced Registered Yoga Teacher at the 500hr level with the Yoga Alliance.


    She has founded three very successful yoga studios over the last thirteen years and currently operates Sacramento’s largest studio Asha Yoga. In addition to teaching workshops, retreats and teacher trainings all over the country, she has also been featured in prominent yoga and wellness sites such as MindBodyGreenElephant JournalYoga Training Guide, Skillful Teaching and many others. She has also taught at the infamous Wanderlust Festival, California Spirit Festival and has led classes for the Yoga Aid Challenge. Cori’s approach to teaching combines mindful alignment with modifications for individual needs, intelligent sequencing, strength, humor and a lot of heart.


    A qualified teacher for your training pragram is an extremely important factor that will ultimately determine the quality of your training. Not only is it important that the teacher be knowledgeable in the system of yoga and the art of teaching yoga, but they must be skilled in understanding the learning process and in presenting material in an organized, logical and graduated fashion. 


    Cori is truly an expert and master teacher. She presents the subject of yoga with skill, clarity, passion, and  wisdom.




    Mindfully Aligned Vinyasa Flow Yoga 


     At Asha Yoga we believe in skillful alignment, intelligent sequencing, yoga as a way of life, breath-work and doing it all with HEART. This training teaches the dynamic style of Vinyasa Flow yoga with intelligent attention to physical detail and inspiring, heart-opening attention to Spirit. 



     Because Cori Martinez and Asha Yoga are members of the Yoga Alliance,


    your certificate will be recognized all over the world.  Once you graduate from our program  you will be eligible to join the Yoga Alliance at the 200-RYT level.  Becoming a member of the Yoga Alliance is a great way to let gyms and yoga studios at which you wish to teach know that you are a professional, highly educated and skilled teacher.




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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the EXACT dates?


July 3-August 21 (Includes online and 14 day immersion)  


ONLINE COURSE DATES: July 3-August 6, 2015. You work on your own schedule to complete the online course by Jan 30, with weekly required deadlines.


IMMERSION RETREAT DATES: The Immersion at Villa Ojai in Ojai CA  is  August 7-21, 2015. Arrive by 3pm and expect to depart by noon.  


*The online course is a REQUIRED prerequisite to the Teacher Training Program. 




How long has your school been around?


We have been teaching students yoga for over twelve years and for the last  six years the Asha Yoga Teacher Training program has been supporting students interested in: 



      • Learning a skillful physical practice (How the body works and how to heal it’s unhealthy patterns)




      • Creating an authentic life (Being honest with yourself and others feels really good!)




      • Teaching yoga professionally (Only if you want to!) 




      • Making a positive difference in the world (By living the principles of yoga and teaching them)




      • Integrating the physical and spiritual aspects of yoga. (Yes!)




      • Transforming deeply rooted beliefs that cause suffering. (This is an amazing and unique part of the program!)




      • Exploring the depths of yoga that cannot be covered in a regular class. 



What types of students attend your program?


The students who tend to join our teacher training are generally female (although we’d love to see more men!) who are either looking to delve deeper into their own personal well-being or are looking to teach professionally. They range in age and personality but all share one common interest: Living with honesty, skill and grace while making a positive contribution to the world.


What level are they at in their practice?


Generally speaking, students who attend our teacher training should have at least a 6-month dedicated practice. This does not mean you need to be able to do every yoga pose, nor does it mean that you need to understand all of the yogic philosophy. But some level of commitment and understanding is required and we are able to gauge this in your application process.


What is unique about your program?


Cori’s teaching style is to support movement both on the mat and through life with honesty, skill, and grace; which comes through powerfully throughout this training. 


1. Wisdom: Self Study and Personal Growth


From the first day, you will see Cori’s honesty and authenticity and she will ask you (and inspire you) to do the same for yourself. Beyond that, she will support you in doing it–with skillful guidance through technique, discussion, assignments and self-inquiry based on yogic teachings. The freedom and connection you feel as a result will change your life. 


2. Skill: Experienced Teaching


Cori is a very experienced and knowledgeable teacher (which is more unique than we’d like it to be for a teacher training program!) This will make you a more skilled and knowledgeable practitioner and teacher.


3. Skill: Learn the WHY Behind the How


Cori is known for her mastery at conveying a clear understanding of how the body works. She expresses her knowledge simply and clearly to students of this program so that when you practice and teach asana, you know WHY you are guiding yourself and/or others in specific ways. This helps keep you and your students safe, healing and smart. 


4. Grace: The Heart of Yoga


Cori is loved for her ability to create an environment where students can connect to the highest version of themselves, their life, and the divine–in a personal, intimate and non-dogmatic way. This gives you a direct experience of what yoga (beyond asana) really is. 


Will I be READY to teach after the training?


Everything you need to know to begin teaching is offered during the training. Whether or not you will personally feel or be ready to teach when the program is over cannot be known. We have had many students graduate and begin teaching right away, while others have attended a 3-month mentorship program with Cori at Asha Yoga and then felt more ready. Others have required additional time to continue practicing and reviewing the material in order to build more confidence within themselves. What you put in is what you get back


How is it determined whether I PASS?



Your full participation in the program is required in order for you to receive the certificate of completion



      • Attendance: We encourage you to show up for 100% of the meeting hours. If an exception is needed, hours missed will need to be made up. Sometimes this will be at an additional cost, though we do our best to accommodate you without extra charge. An example of when there may be an additional charge is if you miss a presentation by a guest teacher that cannot be made up at Asha Yoga. In this case, you may need to attend an additional training elsewhere to make up that content. 




      • Completion of all homework, reading and assignments: There will be required reading, weekly awareness practices, and minimum requirements of asana, meditation and pranayama practice during the training. Upon completion of the training and prior to applying for your certificate there will be additional requirements to observe classes, create full sequences, teach full classes, and additional reading. Each assignment will require a form to filled out, a report to be written or questions to be turned in. (Complete details are provided during the training).




      • Final Exam: You must receive a passing score on the final exam. The exam includes a written test and 20 minutes of teaching.





What is the Price?


Early Bird /Pay in full by June 1*: $3997 + $447 (online course)


*FIRST 5 to Register by June 1 get online course FREE. 


Regular Price/Pay in full by Jan 2: $4,300 + $447 (online course) 


Payment Plan with $2,000 deposit by June 1: $4800 + $447 (online course)


*Includes 300+ page training manual plus meals and accommodations at Villa Ojai for 14 days.


*Does not include travel to and from the retreat center or required reading materials (reading materials about $60) 


Clips From Past Trainings

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  • "Cori is truly an expert and master teacher. She presents the subject of yoga with skill, clarity, passion, and wisdom."

    Jennifer BV, Yoga Student and Teacher

  • “I just want you to know how very grateful I am for the beautiful experience of your teacher training. My heart feels so full of love, respect and gratitude. It was truly an amazing experience.”

    Laura L., Teacher Training Graduate

  • “Cori’s inspiring strength and enthusiasm helped me find a deeper understanding both physically and spiritually. This led to a freedom in myself I had never known, but always wished for.”

    Robin M.

  • "Cori brings an element of 'realness' to her teaching, with honesty, candor and humor."

    Amanda R.